I’m Lindsey.

I’m a high performance coach specializing in building confidence, mental toughness and increasing self-motivation. I’m also a mommy, a wife and an entrepreneur and, like you, I strive to be better every day. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I not. But I keep pushing.  This is my story. 

This is my story.

A few years ago I woke up…and realized I wanted more. 

By all accounts I had it good. An awesome husband, a business I absolutely loved, a baby on the way, friends and family around to share it all with. I was confident in the work I was doing and loved my interaction with clients. My work was rewarding and felt like what I was meant to be doing. I’d successfully moved from professional athlete to entrepreneur, met an amazing man, and I was happy with my work and my life.

But then I had a baby.

And everything shifted- my work, my marriage, my body, my priorities. Everything. I was so in love with the little human in my arms that my entire being woke up to life. To the possibilities of this world. To what can be accomplished without fear.

Lessons I thought I had already learned as a professional athlete.

But this was another level. I realized that while my life was good, and there were a million things to be thankful for, that there was still more. I had a yearning, a calling, a sense that there was another level for me.

It’s not that I wasn’t scared at all, but my yearning was stronger than my fear. I was done holding back. I was done with the bullshit of not going 100% towards the life I really wanted. I loved my work but I felt LindseyWilson 73like I had more to give.

I wanted to really and truly go for the big, bold, kickass life I really wanted.

I thought to myself, why not me? Why can’t I have the life I really truly want? Why not just go for it? So I did. And it worked.

It wasn’t overnight and it wasn’t without some doubt and struggle and tears (or maybe that was just the Subaru Commercial with the dog trying to get her puppy to sleep- Seriously, this gets me every time!). I was deliberate in what I did.

•   I hired a coach.
•   I took my husband’s advice and spent 6 months doing the exact opposite of what I had been doing in my business.
•   I reconnected with all the mental training I’d done as a high performance athlete.
•   I decided exactly what I wanted (including working only 3 1/2 days a week because I wanted to be with my daughter).
•   I decided to look at fear as a sign I was on the right path.
•   I took control of the stories I told myself.
•   I changed my self-talk.
•   I shifted my mindset.


And everything changed.

This is what I want for you. To stop holding yourself back from the life you really want. To go for it. To live… not without fear, but with it and push through anyway. Because you can. Because you deserve it. Because why not you?

 What About You?

Do you want more in your life or business? 

Are you ready to get the life you really want?

I can help you get the big, bold, kickass life that’s waiting for you.