The Life You Want is Possible. 

 Are you ready to go get it?

"One step in the right direction is worth 100 years of thinking about it"

What would your life look like…

If you believed that anything was possible? If you could have the dream business, meet the dream partner, travel the world, impact the lives of others more, work less, get the dream job, do work that feeds your soul, or just feel less overwhelmed, more inspired, and simply energized by the possibilities of your life? 

Why not you?

You’ve been working hard for years…

But you aren’t in the place you thought you would be or it’s not as fulfilling as you thought it would be, or you just wonder: Is this it? Is my life just work I don’t particularly love, feeling like I could do more but having no time to explore it, feeling stretched too thin by competing priorities and generally never feeling ‘enough’?  

If there is one thing my clients have in common it’s that they are smart, committed, hard working women trying to balance it all in their lives but they still feel like something is missing. 

Hard work is admirable, but why not work hard towards the life you truly want?

You are wondering if there is more out there…

Maybe you see other people living their lives fearlessly and you wonder if you have it in you too.  Maybe you aren’t sure what else you want but something is nagging at you. Maybe you finally realize that you are worthy of a great life, of being happy, of being fulfilled. You’ve decided that it’s time. 

So what exactly are you waiting for?

Do you have that little voice in the back of your head too?  The one that tells you to wait. Too often I see women waiting to take action. They think they should feel ‘ready’ before they move forward. They worry they need something else- a degree, money, validation from others- before they go for the life they want. They convince themselves now is not the time to take a risk, they should commit more to their family, they should spend less money, they shouldn’t invest in themselves, but someday they will. But then time passes and nothing changes. 


What I am really, really good at is helping women identify and make the changes they want on a really deep level. Change happens from the inside out so we’ll work on making those mindset shifts first.  I’ll wake you up to what is possible in your life and be there to remind you that your dream life is available, even when it seems like it isn’t- and trust me it will at some point.  And I’ll get you to work with an actionable plan to get there. 


I’m not a career coach. I’m not a leadership coach. I’m not the person to call if you want to role play an interview or need help with your resume or want to be told the exact job you should have in 10 years and the path to get there. Truthfully, I don’t know. That’s not my gig. 


My clients range from 50+ year old CEOs, to 13 year-old girls, from middle aged weekend warriors to Olympic and professional athletes, to collegiate coaches and female entrepreneurs (or dreaming of starting a business). My speciality is women who want to kickass in their lives. Many of them are DONE with the bullshit, the fear, the waiting for the life they really want. It doesn’t mean they aren’t scared, but they are ready to push forward despite the fear. 


 I use a very holistic approach to coaching and I have a bias towards action and specific tasks or mental exercises to get there (that’s the athlete in me). While, obviously, talking and insight is a big part of what we’ll do, I believe action is the best course. (When in doubt, do SOMETHING.) 

I’m a trained hypnotist so I often record personalized guided visualization for my clients- they love having an actionable tool to work on gaining insight, shifting their subconscious beliefs about what is possible, or using it as a simple stress reduction to reduce the feeling of overwhelm. I use a lot of mindfulness, journaling, self-talk alterations and goal setting among other tools. But mostly, I listen to what you need, help you unlock the answers you ALREADY have inside, and support you in that journey.